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Saturday, December 3, 2022

2008 annual 20 Rising Stars of Hedge Funds

Date: Thursday, May 8, 2008
Author: Institutional Investor

From Institutional Investor News:

1. Chris Addy, President and CEO, Castle Hall Alternatives
2. Jennifer Ancker, Executive Director, Graham Capital Management
3. Clemente Cappello, Found and CIO, The Sturgeon Investments
4. Scott Dooley, Managing Director, Fusion Capital Management
5. Paul Eckel, Founder, Emerging Manager
6. Ben Funk, Partner and Co-Manager, Liongate Capital Management
7. Allen Gillespie, Founder, Principal and COO, GNI Capital
8. Jason Gold, Founder and CEO, Aurarian Capital Management
9. Jason Hsu, Principal and Managing Director, Research Affiliates
10. Bruce Kirk, Senior Portfolio Advisor, Japan Advisory
11. Jack McDonald, President and Chief Executive Officer, Conifer Securities
12. Pauline Modjeski, President and Executive Managing Partner, Horizon Cash Management
13. Peter Plaut, Senior Vice President, Imperial Capital
14. Anu Sahai, Portfolio Manager, Anew Capital Management
15. Wing Mui Chris Tang, CIO, Marco Polo Pure Asset Management
16. David Vaughan, Partner, Dechert LLP
17. Jon Venetos, President and CIO, Citadel Alternative Asset Management
18. Emile Westergaard, CEO, Tokum Capital Management
19. Richard Whelan, CEO, King's Crossing Capital
20. Doug Wurth, Global Head, Alternative Investments Group, JPMorgan Private Bank

For full list go to: http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/ii/20rs-hedgefunds08/index.php